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Choosing a Counsellor

I realise it can be very confusing trying to decide which type of counselling you would like. There are many different approaches, all with slightly different names. However, research has shown that the more experienced and effective counsellors all work in pretty much the same way when in the room with their clients. What most counsellors agree on is that it is really the 'fit' between counsellor and client which is the most important factor in determining whether a particular relationship is going to be helpful to you or not. So meeting a few different counsellors is advisable before settling on which one you are going to work with.

So what is Counselling?

Counselling is a relationship between two people (or more) where one person, the counsellor, is there to listen to the other, the client. We believe that this listening will enable you to come to a clearer understanding of yourself and your life story. In the Person Centred Approach we aim to offer you a genuine and honest relationship within which we fully accept you as you are right now. We absolutely do not seek to 'diagnose' you, or put any kind of label on you.

In the Person Centred Approach we believe that you are the person who knows yourself best and our job is to work with you to support you in clarifying what you truly feel and think. We want to help you find what the truth is for you, as we believe that this will help heal the past, and bring clarity for you in discovering what future direction you would like to travel in. We work in a bespoke way, seeing each client as a unique individual who needs a genuine, heartfelt response from their counsellor.

What are the benefits of Counselling?

When you understand yourself and your life story more clearly, you can see what works and what doesn't for you, what makes you happy, and what makes you sad. With this understanding on board, you can begin to make life choices which enhance your life rather than harm or frustrate you. I find many people feel confused about their lives. They may not be sure which direction they want to go in for instance, or why they always end up in similar situations time & time again!

Working with a counsellor for a while can help to bring clarity to any issues you may be struggling with. You can begin to see what has brought you to this point in your life. You can then explore what you might do to bring about change in your life. With a safe relationship with your counsellor to support you, you may well feel more able to experiment with doing things differently, and over time experience your life moving in much more positive and satisfying directions.

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